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Hard truths by Zadie Smith
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It’s not all fun and games in Korea…

These are my most recent stories while covering the COP12 of the Convention on Biodiversity in Pyeonchang, ROK. From ocean acidification to indigenous rights, it’s been eye-opening to learn about so many issues in such a short period of time and to meet people who care so much about the future of our planet.

In Republic of Korea, UN meeting tackles safe use of living modified organisms  

Indigenous knowledge essential to meet global biodiversity targets – UN official

Benefits of investing in protection of biodiversity outweigh financial costs, says UN-backed report

Global economy to lose billions without action to stop ocean acidification, UN report warns —-> Retweeted by Ed Norton (!)

FEATURE: UN biodiversity pact seeks to ensure fair, transparent use of world’s genetic resources

Eradicating poverty goes ‘hand in hand’ with biodiversity protection – UN officials


Indigenous communities “oldest conservationists” 

Better relationship needed between development and sustainable use of biodiversity - UN Environment Director Achim Steiner

Migrating birds acting as “early warning system” for habitat loss

Global economy to lose billions without action to stop ocean acidification-UN report 

Biodiversité : l’économie mondiale risque de perdre des milliards de dollars si l’on n’arrête pas l’acidification des océans 

Biodiversity not “detached from humankind”

Global fund supports conservation by indigenous peoples and local communities

Women of Antigua and Barbuda “heart and soul” of conservation work